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An amazing workshop on the French School of Ballet! New two-week Workshop 2021. Tuition reduced!

Time & Location

16 août à 13:00 – 27 août à 16:00

About the Event

We decided to restructure the summer workshops and hold only a two-week workshop, and thanks to a generous benefactor, we can substantially reduce the tuition cost. 

Louis XIV's wishes when founding the Academie Royale de Danse was to keep the school from excess and protect it from disfigurement. Louis XIV wants to keep the school pure, unaffected, and classy as the image of the French culture.

During his reign, you could find more than two hundred schools in Paris only. Danse was so crucial to Louis XIV that when someone approached him for a job request, the King would ask, " can you dance?"show us."

And depending on the courtier's ability, the King rewarded the job...Or not


"Louis by the grace of God, Roy of France and Navarre, To all presens and to come, Hi. Although the Art of Dance has always been recognized as one of the most honnestes and more needed to form the body, and to give the first and most natural dispositions to all kinds of exercises, including those of weapons; and therefore one of the most advantageous and most useful to our Noblesse, and others who have the honour of approaching us, not only in times of war in our armies, but in peacetime in the entertainment of our Ballets: Neanmoins he has during the orders and; the confusion of the last wars, introduced in the said Art, as in all the others, so many abuses capable of bringing them to their irreparable rush, that several people for ignorans and incompetents that they were in this Art of Dance, have in thought of monstersing it publicly; so it is surprising that the small number of those who find themselves able to teach it ayent by their study and by their application so long resisted the essential defects whose infiny number of the unknowns have sought to disfigure it and to disfigure it. to corrupt it in the person of most of the Quality People: What makes us see few of them in our Court and after, able to enter our Ballets, and other similar entertainers of Dance, whatever purpose we had to call yes. A quoy is necessary to provide, and to restore said Art in its first perfection, and to increase it as much as possible: We have decided it is appropriate to establish in our good city of Paris, a Royal Academy of Dance, like those of Painting and Sculpture, composed of thirteen of the Elders and more experiment with said Art, to make by them in such place and house that they will want to choose in said city, the exercise of any kind of Dance according to the Statutes and regulations that we have made in number of twelve main articles. To these causes, and other good considerations to what we mouvans, we have by these presents signed by our hand, and our full power and Royal authority, said, ruled and ordered, say, shall. we want and we plaist, that it is unvesed in ourtredite city of Paris, a Royal Academy of Dance, which we have composed of thirteen of the most experienced said Art, and whose address is known to us by the experience that we have often made in our Ballets, where we have done them the honor of calling them for a few years, sçavoir of François Galland sieur du Desert, Ordinary Maistre to Dance of the Queen our very-dear Bride, Jean Renauld Ordinary Master to Dance our very-dear and unique Frere the Duke of Orleans , Thomas le Vacher, Hilaire l'Olivet, Jean and Guillaume Reynal, brothers, Guillaume Queru, Nicolas de l'Orge, Jean François Piquet, Jean Grigny, Florent Galland Desert, and Guillaume Renauld; which will assemble once a month, in a particular place or house that will be chosen by them and taken at common expense to confer among themselves as a result of the Dance, to advise and to deliberate on the means of perfecting it, and to correct the abuses and defects that may have been introduced there or estre cy-apre; hold on to regiring the said Academy following and in accordance with the said Statutes and Reglemens cy-attache under the counterscel of our Chancellery: which we want to keep and observe according to their form and content: Making very express defenses to all persons of any quality, to contravene the penalties contained there, and greater. Let us want the aforementioned and others who will compose the said Academy, to joust like the said Academie of Painting and; Sculpture, of the law of Committimus, of all personal, possessive, hypotequary or mixed causes, both in asking and defending before the Maistres of the Ordinary Requests of our Hotel, or at the Requestes of the Palace in Paris, at their choice, as well as at the swearing-in officers of our House, and discharge of all Sizes and Curatelles, all Let us want the said Art of Dance to be and remain for always exemt of all Letters of Mastery, and if by surprise or otherwise in any way, it has been or estoit cy-asafter none; We have now revoked them, declared null and void; making very express defences to those who have obtained them to use it scarcely fifteen pounds of fine, and as much damage and interest, applicable to said Academy. If let's give in to our Amez Feaux les Gens tenans nostre Court de Parlement de Paris, which these presents they have to have read, publish and register, and content in icelles, make the said Desert, Renauld and others of the said Academie Royale, ceasing and stopping all troubles and impeschemens contrary: For such is our pleasure. And so that it is firm and stable thing at all, we have put our scel to these said presents, except in other things ours right, and the autruy in all. Given in Paris in the month of March, the year of grace 1661 and ourtre reigns the 19th. Signed LOUYS, and on the reply by the Roy,  DE  GUENEGAUD"


  • 99 heures

    Week One

  • 99 heures

    Week Two


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